Download e-book for kindle: 300 Creative Physics Problems with Solutions by László Holics

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By László Holics

ISBN-10: 1843318695

ISBN-13: 9781843318699

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A horizontal rod is fastened to a vertic al axis as shown. There are two identica l particles beaded onto the rod , each of mass 1 kg. lm in their re laxed states. The particles can move on the rod without friction. What should the angular velocity of the system be if the distance of the outer particle from the axis is to be 3L" The 1\1 spring constant is D = 10 - . In L 1-. ~ Problem 107. A ring of mass IH() ro ll s along a slope with angle of inclination 0. without slidi ng. When it begins , a beetle of mass m lands at po int P.

Whi le its vo lume is increased by 6 Vj = 5 cl111 3 . Then we turn off the heater and let 6171 = 5 g gas strea m o ut of th e container. 5 kPa, but the temperature of the gas remain s unchanged . 88 aC . a) DetermillL: thL: initial mass of the gas in the Co nt ainer. b) What kind of gas is in the container'? c) How much e nergy did the heater tran s fer to the gas during the first extension process? 41 300 Creative P hy sics P roblem s wit h S olu t ions Problem 180. A long glass pipe of cross sec ti on A = 3 cm 2 , whic h is cl osed at one end , is partiall y submerged into the water of a lake in such a way th at the open end or the pi pe po ints vertically dow nward s.

Determine the pos iti on of the lower pi ston if the upper one is removed from the cylinder. The extern al air press ure is lOG P a, the cross secti on of the cy linder is 10 em 2 and each pi ston has a mass of 1 kg. ) Problem 182. 3% is argon, and the atomic masses of nitroge n, oxygen and argo n are 14 u, 16 u and 40 u res pecti ve ly. Problem 183. There was a bl ock of ice in an isolated container at temperature 0 °c . We wanted to determine its mass, therefore we let so me steam with a temperature of 100 °c in to the container, but we could not determine the exac t amount or the steam.

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