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By Chad Hansen

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This bold e-book provides a brand new interpretation of chinese language suggestion guided either by means of a philosopher's experience of poser and by way of a valid philosophical idea of that means. That twin target, Hansen argues, calls for a unified translation idea. It needs to offer a unmarried coherent account of the problems that inspired either the lately untangled chinese language linguistic research and the regularly occurring moral-political disputes. Hansen's unified procedure uncovers a philosophical sophistication in Daoism that conventional money owed have missed.

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But on reflection we will see that it doesn't. The pictures, after all, do not look exactly like the items before us and the question of whether to extrapolate from the eel picture or the fish picture remains. An ideographic or pictographic language needs standards of interpretation as much as does the ordinary language. * This familiar Western solution to the problem of explaining our ability to use language simply divides it into two related problems. One is how sounds pick out types, and the other is how language can consistently project to new or novel cases from past examples.

If the classical Chinese philosophers held a radically different theory of language, that fact could explain many other differences in a coherent, unified way. It would reveal their doctrines as a fully coherent alternative to the Western philosophical perspective. It could do so without having to resort to uncritical praise or even to the assumption that they got it right. It is enough that they had a credible theory and developed it in philosophically challenging and interesting ways. The ruling account, relying on their prior sense of philosophical worth, tended to downplay the linguistic import of these doctrines.

The identification of human worth with the impulse to transcendence has a flip side, since we accordingly devalue the physical, the material. These twin elements of Greek thought became the mainstays of Christianity and our view of our special relation to God. Our tradition also contrasted the reasoning faculty (the mind) with the irrational, base, physical desires and passions (the heart). Our beliefs, our ideas, come from the mind—from the reasoning faculty. Our bodies supply us with our desires.

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