Download e-book for iPad: A revision of Clavija - Opera Botanica 107 (Theophrastaceae) by Bertil Ståhl.

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By Bertil Ståhl.

ISBN-10: 8788702561

ISBN-13: 9788788702569

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Other examples include ϫAchicodonia, ϫAchimenantha, ϫAmarygia, ϫCelsioverbascum, ϫCitrofortunella, ϫChionoscilla, ϫCooperanthes, ϫHalimocistus, ϫLedodendron, ϫLeucoraoulia, ϫLycene, ϫOsmarea, ϫStravinia, ϫSmithicodonia, ϫSolidaster and ϫVenidioarctotis. Because the parents themselves are variable, the progeny of repeated crosses may be distinctive and warrant cultivarietal naming. They may be named under the Botanical Code (prior to 1982 they would have been referred to as nothomorphs or bastard forms) and also under the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants as ‘cultivars’; thus, ϫCupressocyparis leylandii ‘Naylor’s Blue’.

Retention of the epithet ‘hybrida’, and the indication of Linnaeus being its author (in brackets) shows the benefit of this system in constructing names with historic meanings. Hybrids Hybrids are particularly important as cultivated plants but are also a feature of many plant groups in the wild, especially woody perennials such as willows. The rules for the names and naming of hybrids are contained in the Botanical Code but are equally applicable to cultivated plant hybrids. For the name of a hybrid between parents from two different genera, a name can be constructed from the two generic names, in part or in entirety (but not both in their entirety) as a condensed formula; ϫMahoberberis is the name for hybrids between the genera Mahonia and Berberis (in this case the cross is only bigeneric when Mahonia, a name conserved against Berberis, is treated as a distinct genus) and ϫFatshedera is the name for hybrids between the genera Fatsia and Hedera.

Aberdeenensis -is -e from Aberdeen, Cape Province, S Africa Aberia from Mount Aber in Ethiopia, provenance of type species aberrans deviating from the norm, aberrant, differing, present participle from aberro, aberrare, aberravi, aberratum Abies Rising-one, abeo (the ancient Latin name for a tall tree or ship) abietifolius -a -um Abies-leaved, Abies-folium abietinus -a -um fir-tree-like, Abies abietis -is -e of Abies (Adelges abietis gall aphis on spruce) -abilis -is -e -manageable, -able, -capable of, habilis (preceded by some action) abjectus -a -um abandoned, cast down, unpleasant, abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectum abnormis -is -e unorthodox, departing from normal in some structure, abnormis Abobra from a Brazilian vernacular name aboriginorum indigenous, of the original inhabitants, aborigines, aboriginum abortivus -a -um miscarried, with missing or malformed parts, aborior, aboriri, abortus abro-, abros soft, delicate, abroj Abroma from the Brazilian vernacular name Abromeitiella Delicate-Meitiella, abroj-meiwn (delicate and very small) Abronia Delicate, abroj (the involucre) Abrophyllum Delicate-leaf, abroj-fullon Abrotanella Abrotanum-like (feminine diminutive) abrotani-, abrotonoides Artemisia-like, abrotanon-oeidhj (from an ancient Greek name, abrotonon, for several fragrant-leaved plants) abrotanifolius -a -um wormwood-leaved, botanical Latin from abrotanon with folium Abrotanum, abrotanum Divine, abrotoj, ancient name for southernwood abruptus -a -um ending suddenly, blunt-ended, past participle of abrumpo, abrumpere, abrupi, abruptum Abrus Soft, abroj (the foliage of crab’s eyes) abscissus -a -um cut off, past participle of abscindo, abscindere, abscidi, abscissum absconditus -a -um concealed, hidden, residual, abscondo, abscondere, abscondi (abscondidi, absconditum) absimilis -is -e different, un-like, ab-similis Absinthium the old generic name for wormwood, ayinqion, in the works of Xenophon.

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A revision of Clavija - Opera Botanica 107 (Theophrastaceae) by Bertil Ståhl.

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