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By Eske Møllgaard

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This is often the 1st paintings on hand in English which addresses Zhuangzi’s inspiration as a complete. It offers an interpretation of the Zhuangzi, a ebook in thirty-three chapters that's the most crucial selection of Daoist texts in early China. the writer introduces a fancy examining that indicates the harmony of Zhuangzi’s inspiration, particularly in his perspectives of motion, language, and ethics. through addressing methodological questions that come up in studying Zhuangzi, a hermeneutics is built which makes knowing Zhuangzi’s spiritual inspiration attainable. A theoretical contribution to comparative philosophy and the cross-cultural examine of spiritual traditions, the booklet serves as an advent to Daoism for graduate scholars in faith, philosophy, and East Asian experiences.

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The Way, says Graham, is entirely beyond any distinctions we can draw, it is “nothing less than the universe flowing from its ultimate source (not just the course of its flow, which would be to draw a distinction)” (1989: 188). Chen Guying (2005b), for his part, explains, that for Zhuangzi the Way is the inner experience of the totality of things after we break out of the confinement of the 22 ZHUANGZI’S FUNDAMENTAL FIGURES OF THOUGHT completed mind and the objectified self and attain cosmic consciousness.

6/82) and live engendered by Heaven (tianersheng ) (6/1). This inner experience of Heaven (tian), should be distinguished from the common experience of heaven and earth (tiandi ), that is to say, physical nature, or the experience of things as things. Physical nature can, of course, give us intimations of the transcendent. In Zhuangzi tian often means “sky” in the concrete sense of the sky above us, and since the vast blue sky above us seems to be infinite, Zhuangzi wonders: “Is the deep blue of the sky (tian) its true color?

All these facts are relative, they are all a this as opposed to a that, and this opposition gives rise to disputes, strife, and general insecurity. Therefore, according to Zhuangzi, the highest attainment of the ancients was to realize that there is “a realm [or state] before there are things” (2/40). The realm before there are things is the Way, which “things things” (wuwu ) but is “not a thing” (22/75), and so, strictly speaking, is nothing. Zhuangzi says that the realm “before there are things,” namely the Way, is posited at a different level from things, distinctions, and the ensuing value judgments (2/40–2).

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